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Shape up and ship out
Label creation
  • Compare rates
  • Bulk order uploads
  • Multiple package quote
Helpful employees, awesome rates, easy

The employees of CFS are very helpful. They can help you with anything that you would ever need help for. The rates are very good — we receive an awesome discount. Pick ups are always met and never missed. There are simple, easy instructions on how to ship anything. Overall, I’d rather use CFS than any carrier — it’s so much easier than UPS or FedEx.

Stefani Peace, Gary Steiner Sales
Pack a punch
  • Regular PDF and Zebra labels
  • Print pick lists
  • Customize-able packing slips
  • Preset package dimensions
Amazing workers  like

Annie is the greatest! Not only is she a joy to speak with, she is knowledgeable and can fix any problem I come to her with.  happy

Christina Metz, Gary Steiner Sales

Chart the course
Shipping automation
  • Carrier and service selection
  • Quote Estimation
  • Address automation
Professionalism as its best

Very professional, easy to use, and they give quick responses!

Binu Sharma, Haute Affaires
Sync, don't think
  • Actionable data graphs
  • See orders by state
  • Best selling items
  • Most profitable items
Useful and thorough reports

CFS is easy to use and has the best rates! The staff is friendly and very helpful. The customer service is very professional. And they provide such useful and thorough reports! Thank you!

Barbara Bujulian, J&L Capital Resources

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CFS is... just perfect!

CFS is perfect for us. The cost is competitive, and it’s great to be able to create labels right at my desktop. I’m recommending to everyone.

Curt MacRay, Curtis Funding Group