I'm already set up with USPS
and I don't need a shipping company. Is Corporate Freight Savers another shipping company?
No. We do not ship. We are proud to be close affiliates of leading shipping carriers, thereby allowing us to offer you solutions that may drastically improve your rates. You are still receiving the same great service you’ve come to expect.
Specializing in international and domestic shipments, CFS has a proven record of penny pinching and educating our clients on shipping in a more efficient manner.
My business ships on a small scale.
Is there a minimum?
The good news is that at Corporate Freight Savers we are here to help you expand your business and therefore there is no minimum required to sign up.
Do I have to commit
once I sign up?
No. There is no contract and you can back out at any time.
Is there a cost to sign up?
Because we know how much your company can benefit from using our services there is absolutely no charge to sign up or setup your account. Your company will only pay when you start shipping and saving money. If there are no savings, there are no charges.
Why should I trust Corporate Freight Savers
with my shipping information?
Corporate Freight Savers is a leader in the shipping industry. We have been in the business of saving people money for over 10 years and have over 500 active accounts. Just ask our hundreds of satisfied clients, who brag that it’s our meticulously organized database and stellar reputation that makes Corporate Freight Savers the outstanding company that it is.
I already have rates set up.
How will you help?
Set up a free consultation to learn what Corporate Freight Savers can do for your business. At Corporate Freight Savers, we believe that time is money. By using ShipDog, our brilliant and innovative shipping management software, we enable you to save hours upon hours of worktime and go back to doing what you do best; growing and expanding your business.
Is there any risk involved?
As our hundreds of clients will testify, there is no risk whatsoever. There is only gain. We established our company with the goal of simplifying the shipping process for your business and we want you to take full advantage of this opportunity.
I'm a busy person and I don't have time to sit on the phone.
How long does it take to set this up?
That’s the best part! It takes just 5 minutes to make the initial call and setup your account. You will also be able to choose a personal username and password for you to use to access the system.

Call us today to
setup your account!